Cleanse & Renewal Shampoo

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Cleanse & Renewal Shampoo 8oz

A super cleansing shampoo that's Great for all types of hair, it doesn't take much for your hair to be fully lathered in mere seconds! This Shampoo defiantly packs a punch with only a quart size amount of shampoo. It Cleanses your hair without pulling out all of the nourishment from your scalpel.


Rinse all product out of hair with lukewarm water. Apply ample shampoo in hands and from roots out begin massaging hair clean. do not overly tangle hair. Rinse and repeat if necessary.






  • Sooths scalp itchiness.

  • Fights Dandruff.
  • Promotes Stronger strand growth.
  • Black castor oil is great for hair strengthening and reducing hair fall.
  • It feels great on color-treated hair.
  • The healing and repairing power are really worth it.
  • Makes hair silky and shiny while taming tangled hair and split ends.
  • Supports damaged hair caused by chemical treatments.
  • Works great on sensitive skin.
  • Great Hair Cleanser Removing dirt from clogged pores.
  • Prevents flaky and itchy scalp from dandruff. 


Benefits of ingredients:

Cedarwood Essential Oil: Increases circulation to stimulates the hair follicles. Reduces thinning and encourages growth. 

Chamomile: Promotes hair health and fights a dry, itchy scalp  

Ginger Root: Strengthens the roots of hair and improves circulation

Stinging Nettle: Naturally is rich in sulfur and silica. Fights hair loss, promoting hair health and keeping it shiny. 

Rosemary Extract & Essential Oil: High in nutrients that stimulate blood to the scalp which promotes growing hair. It also is anti-inflammatory to feed hair follicles and sooth the scalp. 

Thyme: Promotes growth, helps keep the scalp healthy. Fights dandruff

Soybean Oil: Natural DHT Blocker

Neem Oil:  Neem oil is high in anti-oxidants that protect the scalp from free radicals. It is very regenerative to hair and the scalp that has been damaged. 

Lecithin: Improves structural hair quality. Counteracts damaging elements to hair, long term.  Provides shine, and softness to hair.

Lemongrass Essential Oil: Naturally is anti-microbial and has high antiseptic properties that fight scalp inflammation. Strengthens the hair follicles and fights hair loss. 

D'Alpha Pure Vitamin E Oil: Reduces oxidative (when oxygen steals electrons) stress in the scalp. High anti-oxidant, heals

Peppermint Essential Oil: Provides Cooling & Refreshing scalp stimulation - encouraging growth by increasing circulation. 

Lavender Essential Oil: Naturally conditions, promotes growth, thickens, fights itching and dandruff

Tea Tree Essential Oil: Naturally Fights DHT, Antimicrobial, anti-viral

Pumpkin Seed Oil: Very pro-hair contributor. DHT fighter that fights high DHT levels on scalp tissue that correlates with hair loss. 

Saw Palmetto: Blocks DHT and contains plant sterol: beta-sitosterol


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Hi, just wanted to say how pleased I am with my products, they are absolutely lovely and feel beautiful on my skin.

wonderful results

'Amazing as always. I have been using Conscious Skincare for over a year now (my mom as well!) and all of the products are incredibly good to my skin. Highly recommended

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'Bought as a gift that I know the recipient will love. Well packaged & fast shipping. Thank you.