Best Products to Treat Dry Scalp and Sooth Itchiness

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Best Products to Treat Dry Scalp and Sooth Itchiness

Anyone who has dealt with a dry scalp knows how itchy and sometimes embarrassing it can be. The most common sign of a dry scalp is persistent itchiness, but you may also experience soreness, dandruff, and hair loss. Fortunately, several products help to relieve dry and itchy scalp.


Causes of Dry Scalp

A dry scalp can be caused by several factors. In most cases, it is associated with a reaction to a harsh ingredient in hair care products or a change in weather. The cause can also be as simple as not drinking enough water or washing your hair daily. In some cases, however, the cause can be a medical condition like psoriasis and eczema. When it occurs, a dry scalp can leave you with an uncomfortable and annoying sensation. It can lead to:

⦁ Itchiness: Dryness irritates the scalp and causes an intense urge to scratch.

⦁ Flakiness: Dead skin cells build up on the scalp because of the lack of moisture, resulting in visible flakes.

⦁ Soreness: A dry scalp is more sensitive to styling products and harsh chemicals, leading to more irritation and discomfort.

⦁ Hair Loss: The constant scratching of the scalp due to irritation is likely to cause hair loss.

⦁ Secondary Infections: Scratching a dry scalp can sometimes lead to open wounds that may get infected.

Products to Treat a Dry and Irritated Scalp

Remedies for an irritated scalp will usually depend on the cause of the dry scalp. However, the use of hair products that moisturize and hydrate the scalp produces results in a shorter period. Here are some products that are specially designed to help you deal with a dry scalp:

Renew Edges Scalp Scrub: Pre-Wash

The Renew Edges Scalp Scrub is specially formulated for a revitalized and healthier scalp. It offers a ready and easy remedy for scalp concerns, including dryness, eczema, and psoriasis. Adding the scrub to your hair routine will help in dealing with flakiness, allowing you to embrace thicker hair and prevent hair loss.


To use the Renew Edges Scalp Scrub, rinse all the products from your scalp. Apply a fair amount of the scrub on the palms of your hands and gently massage it on your scalp. You may focus on the area of concern or apply to the enter scalp to ease the irritation. Rinse the scalp off and shampoo the hair twice, and then apply a conditioner on the fair for about 10 to 20 minutes.


MegaGro Hair Grease

Queen’s Growth & Beyond MegaGro Hair Grease is an all-natural hair and scalp remedy infused with natural oil, hair-loving herbs, and essential oils. The grease is effective in helping hair grow, moisturizing, and maintaining your scalp. It keeps your scalp well moisturized, reducing itchiness and irritability.



Megagro Hair Grease is designed with your hair in mind to offer visible results in no time. It contains castor seed oil enhances your hair, sunflower flower oil that contains gamma alpha linolenic acid (GLA) that promotes hair growth, and nettle that comes with great antioxidative properties and contributes directly to healthy hair and skin.


Revitalizing Hair Butter

The Revitalizing Hair Butter is a thick rich hair cream for dry hair and scalp. You can use this butter on all types of dressing, braiding, pressing, twists, locs, twists, and as a heat protectant. Simply apply a small amount of the butter in your hands and massage on hair and scalp.



Revitalizing Hair Butter is a blend of healthy natural oils, including organic jojoba, organic hemp, organic sunflowers, grapeseed oil, extra virgin olive oil, and pure d’Alpha vitamin E oil. With quick absorption and deep penetration qualities, the butter increases elasticity without clogging pores and moisturizes and protects skin and hair. It also contains antibacterial properties that promote a healthy scalp and works well on sensitive skin.


Cleansing Shampoo

This super cleaning shampoo is great for all hair types and it only takes seconds to be fully lathered. It packs a punch with just a quart size amount of shampoo, cleansing your hair without pulling nourishment from your scalp



Queen’s Growth & Beyond Cleansing Shampoo is fully packed with ingredients that enhance hair growth while protecting your scalp. It contains cedar essential oil that increases circulation to stimulating hair follicles, encouraging growth and reducing thinning. It also formulated with chamomile that fights a dry, itchy scalp and promotes hair health, and rosemary extract to stimulate blood to the scalp, promoting hair growth.


Repair and Renewal Conditioner

The Repair and Renewal Conditioner deeply hydrates your hair, stimulates hair follicles, and rejuvenates the dry and itchy scalp. The nourishing conditioner will also add shine and curls, bringing more color and life back into your hair.



The Repair and Renewal Conditioner is formulated to prevent dry scalp and reduce irritability. It contains thyme helps to keep the scalp healthy, promotes hair growth, and fights dandruff. It is also enriched with Peppermint Essential Oil that Cools and refreshes the scalp, encouraging growth with increased circulation.
To use the conditioner, rinse out all the products from your hair using lukewarm water. Then apply ample shampoo in hands, starting from the roots out and massaging the hair clean. Avoid to overly tangle the hair, and rinse and repeat the process if necessary. Once done, apply the condition and leave it on hair for about 5-20 minutes before rinsing and applying Hair Oil & Serum.


Chebe Grease

Chebe Grease is a blend of organic and natural ingredients for luscious and healthy locks. The unique formula behind the grease harnesses the power of nature that stimulate growth and retain moisture.



Chebe Grease is effective in moisturizing and hydrating your hair. It locks in moisture to prevent breakage and promote elasticity, helping you treat dry and brittle hair. The combination of nourishing oils in the grease also help to strengthen the hair, encourage growth, and reduce hair loss.


Senegalese Baobab Oil

Senegalese Baobab Oil is a perfect blend of ingredients to help you with treating dry scalp and itchiness. This unique elixir is infused with ingredients that transform your hair by stimulating growth while combating dryness and damage.



The key ingredient in this oil is the Baobab oil, which is packed with nutrients that fortify your hair. The oil will nourish and restore the vitality of your locks, promoting the overall health of your hair. Apply a small amount of the Senagelese Baobab oil and massage it in the scalp. You may also apply a small amount of the oil on tips of hair and the hair shaft to leave it soft and silky.



A dry scalp be annoying, especially when it is itchy and irritable. However, it is highly treatable with the right products. In most cases, a dry scalp will respond well to a change in your hair care routine and products. Being specific with the kind of products you use from shampoo to conditioner and oil will certainly speed up the process. Explore products from Queen’s Growth & Beyond, and conquer dry scalp as you watch your hair thrive.